Bottles condition

All the bottles are in our cellar in a perfect environment whether it concerns temperature, hygrometry and low luminosity.

We inspect the labels and the level of the wines. Indeed, you must know that the level decreases little by little, years after years, by a tiny exchange of air through the cork. We know where the level should be located regarding the age of the wine, and we select only bottles that match with it. A level much under the theoretical one may indicate an altered wine.

We also look at the labels. You will not find any faded one which is a testimony of an overexposure to the light. On the contrary, you will find tried and torn labels, result of humidity, in ad equation with a good preservation. Those bottles, regarding their aspect, are sold with a lower price, so as the ones with a slight low level. You can find them in the section “Connoisseurs”.


Important : If the level or the label is not perfect considering the age of the bottle, a statement is written and a photo is attached, so you can judge by yourself.